Leaked document shows EU Commission holding back key portfolio for UK

A leaked document shows the incoming European Commission President's new team of commissioners - with the key role of Environment Portfolio holder left vacant for the UK.

Despite Boris Johnson's refusal to nominate a commissioner from the UK, the EU has left the key position vacant, demonstrating a commitment to close co-operation in the years to come.

With key posts being left vacant, Liberal Democrats are calling for Article 50 to be revoked, and for the UK to play the role of "a leader, not a leaver".

The move follows the appointment of Chris Davies as Chair of the PECH (European Parliament Committee on Fisheries) role, which was also viewed as a move of long-term commitment on the part of the EU on a vital issue.

The news was greeted positively by Davies, who said:

“Everyone knows that climate change doesn’t care about borders and the European Union leads the world when it comes to environmental action.

“The Environment portfolio in the Commission is hugely important. It includes responsibility for developing and enforcing policies on air and water quality, the safety of chemicals and pesticides, waste and recycling, the use of plastics, and the protection of biodiversity and nature. 

“It shows the complete buffoonery of Brexit that the British government is prepared to sacrifice the opportunity to influence and shape policies that will affect us whether we are in the European Union or not.

“The UK should be at the heart of decision-making. On environment as on so many other matters, we should be leading in Europe, not leaving.”

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